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5 Biggest Tech Challenges for New Healthcare Businesses

If you are starting a new healthcare office, then you know there are many tech challenges that you will have to face. Some of these tech challenges may seem obvious while others may be new to you. Here are the five biggest tech challenges for new healthcare businesses.

1). Patient Record Management

Patient record management is important to ensure that you have the best information on your patients. These days, all of this information needs to be digitized. It can be a challenge to keep up with all the records in your office.

One of the top solutions to patient record management is to simply outsource the work. This will ensure that your office doesn’t fall behind on its patient records. This can also free up your staff to care for your visiting patients’ needs.

There are many businesses that offer off-site patient record management. The data can be stored on a cloud system and be accessible to your team. These cloud-based record management solutions are already in use by thousands of healthcare offices across the country.

2). Medical Transcription

One of the most important parts of your job is to ensure that your office maintains proper medical records. These records include everything from doctor notes to chart notes, narrative summaries, discharge summaries, and more. Up to date medical records can be a challenge to keep up with.

One of the most efficient ways to keep up with medical information is to have a third party handle the digitization of these notes. Many of these medical transcription service providers can provide 99% transcription accuracy and quick turn around times. These services can take place completely online.

Many of these services are also able to handle various platforms such as any EMR system. Doctors and office personal can interact with the transcription service provider via an app to track the progress of any transcription work.

3). Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity in a healthcare office is critical due to the sensitive nature of patient information. Sadly, many health care professionals are not up to date on the latest cybersecurity technological advances. That makes these offices vulnerable to a cybersecurity attack.

With the use of a cybersecurity firm, a healthcare office will be able to ensure that their data and records are safe. Cybersecurity firms will be able to check for any vulnerabilities in your system, update security patches, and manage access to your systems.

4). Payment Processing

Payment processing is critical to ensure that the healthcare office collects payments and has the cash flow needed to continue operations. A top payment processing company will be able to effectively handle the billing, payment collection, and provide an up-to-date cash report for the office.

The good news is that there are a number of payment processors that specialize in the healthcare field. These payment processors have unique tools and applications that allow them to meet the specific needs of any type of medical office. Also, these payment processors have a stable and secure system that patients will entrust with their payment information.

These payment processors also provide an easy way for both the patient and the medical office to use their systems. This makes it easy for patients to make their payments and understand their bills. Also, these payment processors make it easy for healthcare professionals to see what bills have been paid and which bills are still outstanding.

5). Telehealth

By far, the fastest-growing tech trend in the healthcare field is telehealth. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in telehealth has intensified. In fact, the American Medical Association has reported that telehealth was growing faster than any place of care before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived.

Right now, many medical offices are using popular teleconferencing apps such as Zoom and Facebook Live Meeting App to conduct their telehealth visits. However, it is expected that a number of telehealth exclusive companies to take advantage of the rising trend.

Giving Your Medical Office The Tech Advantage

The top tech challenges for any medical office includes patient record management, transcription services, cybersecurity, payment processing, and telehealth. Each of these tech challenges can be managed with proper third party services. By finding the right services, you will be able to conquer any tech challenges faced by your healthcare office.

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