4 Real Estate Listing Tips To Get Your Property Noticed

4 Real Estate Listing Tips To Get Your Property Noticed-076c4543

Selling your home quickly and at a fair price has as much to do with your listing as it does with the condition and quality of your home. If your listing isn’t grabbing the attention of buyers, it will take longer just to get people to show up to tour your home. It will take even longer to get a buyer to make an offer on your home. Fortunately, there is plenty of insight into how listings affect buyers, and you can use the following tips to help you write a listing that sells.

Write the Listing Yourself

Many services letting agents in South London provide to help the sale of your home go more smoothly. From finding serious buyers to assisting with the paperwork involved in the transaction, an agent’s assistance can be invaluable. However, no one knows your home as well as you do, which is why you’re the best person to write the listing. Let the love for your home shine through in the listing.


This is the best way to help the average reader feel the joy your home has brought to you through the years. They will get to experience the home’s best features from someone who has lived in the home. The alternative is a bland or dry description that has been written by an agent who only sees the house as a piece of property to be sold. Your love for the property is a critical component in attracting others who want to experience something special in their new home.

Start With a Descriptive Headline

The headline for your listing should sum up the property distinctly while also enticing readers to want to know more about the property. Use a couple of words that outline the neighborhood and size of the home to help buyers who are scanning headlines in search of the right number of bedrooms or location.


The rest of the words in your headline should be positive and upbeat. You should also highlight something unique about the property, whether that’s an in-ground pool, balcony, or sunroom. Mentioning a special feature of the home will encourage buyers to read more about the property to see other features they may find worthwhile.

Pictures Make a Big Difference

A real estate listing without visual images, whether that’s photos, video, or a virtual tour, isn’t going to sell well. Your agent can help you create a video or virtual tour if that’s your interest, but you should also add a few still photos of the property. It can be beneficial to hire a photographer with experience in staging and photographing real estate photos. Generally, you should clear out the clutter in each room and use as much natural light as possible. Your gallery should include pictures of the home’s best features, including exterior shots of the property. Be sure each photo is clear and focused.

Choose Your Words Carefully

In writing the body of the listing, avoid using redundant language. For example, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms will be provided elsewhere in the listing, which means you can avoid mentioning that information in the body. You should also avoid using negative words and phrases, such as “TLC,” “fixer-upper,” or “cosmetic.” Look for alternatives with better connotations.


For example, use “lower-level” instead of “basement.” Additionally, try to use positive words or those phrases that will excite the reader. Some examples of positive phrases include “lovingly maintained,” “charming,” or “open floor plan.” Don’t be afraid to embellish the view from an upstairs balcony or the pleasurable experience of soaking in the pool at midnight. While marketing tools have changed over the years, the one thing that still rings true is that sensationalism still sells.


Be sure to include substance with your descriptive imagery to ensure buyers find something appealing to them in your listing. If you recall the listing that sold you on that property when you bought it, don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage in selling it to others.


Finally, you should avoid thinking of your home listing as something that’s set in stone. Instead, you should remain open to editing and modifying your listing routinely. If you’re not getting the results you expect, consider rewriting the listing or taking new property pictures. Sometimes, a different perspective is all you need to generate more interest in your home.

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