10 Things You Could Sell Online to Make Extra Money

Are you stuck or in a dilemma on what to sell online to make extra money? We’ve got you! Why not be creative and think of something, a side hustle that can earn you extra money at the comfort of your home? Some may prefer venturing into the art business, while others sell unwanted home items and appliances. Here are 10 helpful ideas to generate extra cash online:

1. Jewelry

Quality home jewelry is loved for its uniqueness. On rare occasions, will you find items similar to each other? Jewelry is advantageous because of its portability and ease of packing and shipping to your client. Materials for jewelry are of different types like leather, crystal, metal, stones, and handmade polymer clay beads, to name a few.

2. Art

Art display on our homes and offices is integral in adding a sense of beauty and elegance. There is no need to paint art. It comes in different varieties like wall stickers, fabric-made wall hangings, photographs, and more. Art can be displayed by hanging on the wall, bookshelf, mantle, or television stand.

3. Bath Products

The popularity of bath products and handmade soap qualifies them among the best products for selling online. With your target being the online audience, it would be best to sell organic products and those designed for sensitive skin. Considering shape and colors is essential when marketing products to your customers. It’s also necessary to add scent to your bath products and soaps. Besides soaps, one may sell lotions, bubble baths, and bath bombs.

4. Candles

Just like soaps, you can make candles of different scents, colors, and shapes. The suitable items to house your candles would be shells, teacups, and mason jars. With this, you are certain to capture your clients’ attention online.

5. Toys and Collectibles

The likes of it are you have a box of old toys in your attic, maybe it’s time to sell some of the stuff you’ve been holding onto. You can sell your toy cars, ships, and playsets. You can also choose to sell Rambo toys and other action figures from movies and series. Always embrace quality, and you’ll find the selling process hassle-free, rewarding, and simple.

This procedure will guide you on selling Rambo toys online; start by giving clear information about the type of toys you possess and posting a picture of them. A suitable client interested in purchasing your toy will get to you and discuss the purchase cost. After reaching an agreement, ship the product to your client, and it would be best if you inquired about the safe delivery of the product.

6. Sewn Items

You don’t need a shop to sell your sewn items to customers. This can be done online as long as you meet the standards of quality of items and meet your customers’ expectations. The following are sewn items you can sell online; aprons, pot holders, blankets, pillow covers, bags, coin pouches, and purses. Clothing like doll clothes, children’s dresses, and costumes is preferable.

7. Organizers

You may not be aware, but several people find it difficult to organize their office items and households. This calls for creating unique decorative items and selling them online. This can be done using photographs, decorative boxes, pencil holders, painted glass utensil holders, and wood.

8. Decorative Glasses, Cups, and Dishes

Did you know that you can convert your art and craft skills to money by making decorative products and selling them online? Often, this is achieved using wine glasses, cups, glasses, and painted dishes. You may also decide to etch on a mason jar or beer stain. It would be best for kitchen items to use decoupage for decorative purposes. Decorative items can be sold online as gifts to loved ones, friends, or family.

9. Pins/Magnets

In every business, there are always those potential and frequent customers who can get certain favors from the business owners as a way of appreciation. Often, business owners give these customers pins, buttons, or magnets freely. You can exploit his opportunity by making the products and selling them online.

10. Paper Goods

Paper goods can be sold digitally. You can either create stickers, checklists, or personalized planners or deliver them as digital files for ease of printing by customers.


It is important to consider the following tips when selling your items online:

•Pricing your items for profit

•Target audience

•The season for selling your products

•Items branding like website and business name.

Remember, you cannot fully depend on a basic salary to live a comfortable life. It’s necessary to get a side hustle that will help cater to other needs. In this case, selling goods online is preferable because it can be done in the comfort of your home or work.

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