10 Best Office Gadgets To Spruce Up Your Office

Having a home office offers you the freedom to try out all of those cool gizmos that are on the market today. Here is a list of the most popular office gadgets to put on your list to update your personal working space. Some are fun, some are productive, but all have a purpose for making work more accessible.

1. Dyson Purifier Hot+Cold Formaldehyde Purifying Fan Heater

Who says you cannot choose the perfect comfort level? With this Smart invention by Dyson, everything from heating, cooling, and fresh air is possible. Capturing dust, allergens, bacteria, and formaldehyde in one single swoop, your air is free of 99.95% pollutants. Heating and cooling through a diffused mode bring you nothing but the perfect temperature without blasting air.

2. Ember Mug

Tired of picking up that coffee cup and finding the flavorful heat has left? Check out this great ten or 14-ounce mug that guarantees a perfect cup of coffee or tea for up to 80 minutes. Then, using an app or charging coaster, you set the desired temperature to rely on. Just select the temperature range and get to work!

3. Bose 700 UC Wireless Headphones With ANC

For many of the procedures that go on at day-to-day office management, you need to have the best office headset. Great audio will guarantee excellent communication. Sound professional wherever you are with these wireless headphones that have eleven levels of noise cancellation. Your voice will stay isolated, allowing you to stay focused and minimize distraction. These are great for an open office, home office, or anywhere.

4. HONKYOB USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner

It is impossible to keep your keyboard free of crumbs and lint. Blowers work to a certain extent, but there are so many nooks and crannies under keys that a mini vacuum cleaner is needed. This tiny model sucks up dust, bread crumbs, paper scrap, eraser crumbs, and cigarette ash. Comes with attachments and plugs right into any USB port for charging.

5. Tile Pro

How much time do you waste looking for keys, a phone, or a wallet? The tile pro eliminates time (and money) wasted on replacements and running around trying to remember where your items have been left. Just attach to your things that have a way of walking off and never worry about locating again. Works for nearby losses and far away objects.

6. Tidyhome Charging Station

The organization just became more accessible with this multi-charging station. Up to five Smartphones or mini-tablets can be juiced up while you tend to more urgent matters. Slots are detachable and adjustable, and the Smart Charging Technology remembers how much power each device needs. The lovely oak wood design makes this station perfect for home and office.

7. LVL Hydration Monitor

Dehydration can impair your basic skills and keep you from achieving your goals. So keep track of how hydrated your body is without the guesswork. This handy little wearable monitor also provides information on your mood, heart rate, calories, and sleep. So stay on top of your game before becoming tired and lethargic.

8. Best-Rite Mosaic 16″ X 16″ Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Stop looking for scraps of paper to scribble needed notes. Hop up and use this magnetic glass whiteboard for making quick use of essential information for later. Rare-earth magnets keep notes securely in place or use a black marker that is quickly erased. No more searching for those necessary notes that end up lost.

9. Personal Concrete Fireplace by FLIKR

A little bit of concentration goes a long way when you are trying to work. So mesmerize your mind with the quiet flame produced with this personal concrete fireplace to rest your brain and become creative. With only five ounces of isopropyl alcohol, you have 50 minutes of burn time.

10. Mobi Earbuds

Cut out the racket of nearby construction or kids playing with this set of comfy earbuds. A simple touch changes to voice command or listening to music. One hundred hours of battery life takes you through the entire week before needing to be recharged.

Office gadgets can make your work life run smoother and become more productive. Whether it is eliminating noise, working more intelligently, or getting your Zen in motion, there are tons of great new products on the market today. These gadgets also make great gifts for that co-worker or relative that works from home.


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