YouTube rolls out new homepage design with richer thumbnails and longer descriptions


Forward-looking: Most people are resistant to change but in this instance, YouTube is seemingly doing it the right way. None of the changes are drastic enough to cause a public outcry – heck, you might not even notice most of them without prior notice.

YouTube is in the process of rolling out a redesigned version of its homepage across mobile and desktop. The new look is meant to “help you find the next great video to watch” and includes a number of subtle changes.

The Google-owned video sharing platform is transitioning to larger, richer thumbnails with higher resolution previews and longer titles to provide users with clearer information about videos at a glance. This means shifting from five videos per row to four.

Additionally, you’ll see channel icons below each video to help recognize your favorite creators.

Elsewhere, YouTube is adding the ability to queue up videos on desktop so you can line up the next videos you want to view without interrupting what you’re currently watching. Notably, the queue will disappear when you close your browser so if you want to save them for viewing later, add them to your “Watch Later” playlist instead.

YouTube is also making it easier to remove suggestions from channels you don’t want to watch on your desktop. Simply select the three-dot menu next to a video and choose “Don’t recommend channel.”

Some of the changes have already taken effect while others appear to still be in the works. If all of the changes aren’t yet reflected on your end, sit tight as they’re coming.

Masthead credit: YouTube logo by designer491


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