You are Beautiful as You Are


beautiful human

You are beautiful. Really, really beautiful.

I know, reading this might sound weird. Society has always told you otherwise, right?

From the moment you were born, it has programmed you to think you’re ugly. For example, through advertising it has been bombarding you day in, day out with subliminal messages that try to convince you you’re not beautiful as you are.

Like most people, chances are that at some point in your life you started believing them. In other words, you fell into society’s trap. And since then, you haven’t escaped it.

Over the last few years, social media has made things much worse: Now you might not only dislike, but despise or even hate yourself.

You might scroll through profiles on Instagram and see that nearly everyone appears to be “hot”. Or at least hotter than you. And, no matter how many pictures of yourself you take or what filters you use, you never achieve to look as beautiful as them. Or so you think.

But, trust me, this is what most people think. Even the hottest of the hot who’re posing with their big glutes and defined abs. So, please, don’t pay attention to that crap. It’s really all nonsense. Instead, pay attention to this:

You are beautiful as you are.

Not perfect, for sure. And certainly not beautiful by the standards of so-called beauty magazines. But still beautiful. Beautiful in your uniqueness. No one else is like you, and no one has ever been or will be. Really, your presence contributes a lot to the beauty of this world.

Everyone is beautiful. But when we look at ourselves through the distorted mirror of our toxic culture, we all appear ugly. Please, don’t be fooled by that mirror. Rather, be sure to smash it. And through its broken pieces, your beauty will shine.

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