Women, Gen Z forthcoming about intimacy. Here’s all you need to know – sex and relationships

Is India having good sex? A new study by online dating platform Tinder has revealed that 79 per cent Indians like to try new things in the bedroom and 52 per cent Indians have never faked an orgasm.

It adds that women and men agree on the necessity of innovating when it comes to sex, and both are open to trying new things on a casual date. As per Tinder, this indicates sexual liberation for women, especially in the context of casual sex. “The older you are, the more open to experimenting in the bedroom especially with a casual date,” the findings said.

The study touches upon many aspects of intimacy and sexual relationships, including how important sex is, excuses to avoid sex, innovating in bed, what’s the best time to get busy, and what puts them in the mood.

Tinder said that it commissioned a market survey of 1,500 Indian singles from 7 cities, across the 18-34 age group who own a smartphone, earlier this year and the reports highlight these results.

The study reveals that for 81 per cent of singles, sex is important in a relationship, and the importance increases as one gets older.

In excuses for not having sex, men are more worried that someone will hear them getting cosy, which indicate that women are more forthcoming and are starting to care less. Not surprisingly, 8 out of 10 Indian single women have already had an excuse not to have sex, while the figure 64 per cent for men.

What excuses are Indians using?

Almost 45 per cent say they are “too tired after working all day”, 32 per cent cite severe headaches, and 31 per cent blame it on not having enough time.

On the other hand, 2 in 5 Indians are turned on by holidays and travel. If you are looking to heat up things with a woman, note that succeeding at her job can also turn her on, as 37 per cent women say that job success puts them in the mood, as compared to 33 per cent men.

But, when is India having sex? 60 per cent nighttime is the best, but 32 per cent say all times work for them. People across gender and age have also named Monday as the worst day, and Saturday as the best day to get under the sheets.

So, is monogamy the way to go? 70 per cent of women say yes, as opposed to 55 per cent of men. The Tinder study also indicated that as one gets older, you are more likely to commit to one person.

(This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text.Only the headline has been changed. )

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