With Artemis mission, NASA aims to put first woman on the moon soon


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Updated: July 6, 2020 1:12:49 pm

nasa lockheed martin orion space capsule deal, nasa lockheed artemis mission, nasa moon mission capsules, nasa lockheed deal, nasa orion space capsule deal Artemis will help scientists explore the South Pole of the moon (Image source: NASA File)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) aims to put the first woman on the Moon or next man by 2024. The mission is under NASA’s Artemis program which will help in exploring Moon’s surface as much as possible and create sustainable missions to the Moon by 2028. The research attained from the Moon will work as a building block to explore Mars in the future.

The program is an attempt to put human presence on the moon and revive the American space program. The Artemis mission is named after the twin sister (goddess of the Moon) of Apollo, the mission that put Neil Armstrong on the moon.

What they intend to achieve?

During the program, scientists will use the Moon’s surface as an engineering field of study and practice living in space before taking one step closer to Mars. A few of the main findings of the research will be how the human body reacts to the long durations of spaceflight, creating habitat and living on surfaces foreign to us.

How it will be accomplished?

The Artemis program will be carried out in two parts. First, Artemis I will be launched without a crew. This will be done to test the Space Rocket and Orion spacecraft together. Artemis II will be a test flight with a crew ahead of the final launch Artemis III which will put the first woman or the next man on the Moon by 2024.

Another mission of the space program is to understand the water history on the moon. For that, scientists aim to explore the South Pole of the moon.

Earlier, NASA called out the inventors all over the world to develop a toilet that can work on future lunar lander spacecraft and not just in microgravity. The winner of the best-designed toilet for moon will receive a whopping 20,000 dollars.

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