WIN axes Tasmanian bulletin, with local news to be presented from NSW


August 07, 2018 21:25:27

Staff at WIN News’s Tasmanian office have been told their weeknight bulletins will be presented out of the network’s Wollongong studios as of August 17.

At a meeting on Tuesday night, staff were informed journalists in Tasmania would supply content which would be fronted by staff in New South Wales.

WIN News Tasmania management have told the ABC that no journalists or camera crew staff will lose their jobs.

But the president of the Tasmanian branch of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, Mark Thomas, said the decision would result in some job losses.

“Sadly, it’s the end of a great television era in Tasmania in terms of WIN Television and formerly Tas TV which produced 60 years of television. They were the first television network to go live to air in Tasmania.”

Mr Thomas, himself a former WIN journalist, said the axing would have wider ramifications than a change to the faces on the screen.

“It means next weekend, when Luke Jackson is fighting in Hobart for a world title fight, there will be no coverage to anyone watching WIN until Monday.

“Any loss of a media job, they rarely come back. Another avenue for young people to forge their own career, as other people have done in the past, is lost.

“It impacts on the public, because there is a loss of choice and there is a loss of competition.”

Mr Thomas said the public “would be surprised how little commercial television journalists were paid in Tasmania”.

“People who go out every day and do three or four stories a day and do them with passion and do them to the best of their ability to bring local news to Tasmanians all around the state, some of those young people are going to lose their jobs this week and that’s very sad,” he said.

“It’s very sad for the Tasmanian media environment and it’s very sad for Tasmanians.”

Staff at WIN News declined to comment.





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