Why you Should Consider Vaping Instead Of Smoking Cigarettes


Nowadays smokers are turning away from traditional cigarettes in favor of vaping. You see, vaping or electronic cigarettes were initially reserved for people that had difficulty in quitting smoking. But with time, vaping has proved to be a good alternative to smoking due to its benefits. For you to get started with vaping, you need to get a vaping device and choose your choice of flavored vaping juice. 

A vaping device, is basically an electronic gadget that’s used for warming up the vape juice. And for the sake of setting the record straight, vaping juice is a liquid containing glycerol, nicotine, and other vegetable additives. Once the juice is hot, vapor will start rising from the sub ohm tank. When you inhale the rising vapor, you feel relieved the same way you do with a cigarette. Here is a list of reasons why majority of the people prefer to vape instead of smoking cigarettes.

1. Its Economical

If you are a keen observer, you must have realized that the cost of cigarettes keeps rising every other year. A few decades ago, you could buy several sticks of cigarettes with a $10 bill, probably enough to sustain you for a whole week. These days you need at least $500 to be able to afford buying a packet of cigarettes every day for a month. If you are a heavy smoker, you will definitely spend more money. Vaping on the other hand helps you save money for other bills. For a start, you only buy the vaping device once. You can even buy several skins to make it look more appealing. Besides that, you don’t need to refill the tank every few days. A single purchase can sustain you for several weeks depending on your frequency of vaping.

2. No Irritating Odors

When you smoke a cigarette, there is a smell that gets trapped in your clothes. That’s why it’s easy to notice someone that smokes. The smell is usually very irritating. It can actually make you feel like throwing up. The problem is that the odor persists even after washing your clothes. The story is different when you get used to vaping. The vaping juice is usually blended with a perfume to make it smell nice. In case someone walks in when you are vaping, they will think you have just finished eating a mango, orange, mint, apple, banana or a pineapple. The various flavors guarantee that your clothes will not smell like rotten tomatoes.

3. Zero Risk of Secondhand Smoke

Smoking in public has been banned all over the world. This is because it exposes other people to secondhand smoke. Research actually shows that people who are exposed to secondhand smoke are at risk of contracting certain diseases such as lung cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. There is also the risk of secondary infertility. Besides that, smokers tend to be dehydrated most of the time. That’s why they usually have an extremely dry skin. Vaping has no such risks. This is because you only inhale the vapor that rises from the tank. This is because vaping doesn’t produce any smoke. 

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