Why Tankless Water Heaters Are a Good Idea

ankless Water Heaters

Are you looking to buy a new home or move into a new apartment? Creating the home you love comes with many decisions that you have to make such as what type of floor you will need, the number of bedrooms, the decorating budget, and many other factors. However, one important decision that you should never overlook when choosing a house is the type of water heater you will need. Many homeowners in America are investing in tankless water heaters due to the numerous benefits that they bring, such as cost savings in the long term. This Tankless Reviews will help you make an informed decision before making your purchase.

Why are tankless water heaters such a great idea in 2019? Here are a few reasons why.

1. They save Energy

Tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand units are designed to only heat water when required. They, therefore, don’t incur the standby energy losses as compared to storage tank water heaters. Tank water heaters store hot water in a tank and this means that if the water is not used immediately it will lose heat and you have to reheat before use. Tankless water heaters are extremely energy efficient and you will be able to save money on your energy bill in the long run. 

2. They Require Less Storage Space

The high cost of housing today has forced many Americans to move to smaller homes and tight spaces. The last thing you need in your small home is a giant storage tank that takes up half the space in your bathroom or basement. A tankless water heater will save you a lot of space since it’s a small device that you can hang on the wall and you can use the freed-up space as extra storage. 

3. You Will Enjoy Unlimited Hot Water Supply

If you have been using the traditional tank water heater, you’ve probably had to schedule your bath time around the hot water supply. However, with the tankless water heater, you will enjoy endless hot water even after all your children take a shower before you. This is because tankless water heaters provide a continuous supply of hot water provided there is energy to heat it. 

4. Tankless Water Heaters Are Safer

The lack of storage tanks is what makes on-demand water heaters much safer. Storage tank water heaters have always posed the threat of overheating, raptures and tank explosion. Without the tank, this danger is completely eliminated. If you have small children you can rest assured that they will not tamper with your tankless water heater since it’s a very small device that is unobtrusively attached to your wall. 

5. Tankless Water Heaters Are Eco-Friendly

If you are thinking about going green, then a tankless water heater is the way to go. Since tankless water heaters only provide hot water when it’s really needed they consume less energy, therefore, they are more eco-friendly as compared to their conventional counterparts. A tankless water heater also produces fewer carbon emissions and because they are durable and last longer than the traditional heaters you will not need to replace it often and this goes a long way in freeing up space in landfills. 

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