WhatsApp could be adding voice message playback speeds on iOS

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has been continuously bringing new features to the platform. One of the new features that have set to come to the Facebook-owned service is playback speeds for voice messages. The feature was earlier spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android devices and is now available for beta users on iOS as well.

As per a new report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp version brings in three different speeds of playback for voice notes. While the feature is not ready for the public yet, the report shows a glimpse of the feature that could be available in a future build.

Apart from the standard 1.0x playing speed, users will also get a 1.5x playback speed and 2.0x playback speed. These speeds will playback your voice notes at 50% and 100% faster speeds for when you’re in a hurry.

The new feature will be simple to use. The new playback speed settings will be conveniently placed right on the voice note chat itself. Hence, users will not have to dive deeper into the settings to change playback speeds every time. Check out the tweet below.

WhatsApp Beta for Web

WhatsApp is also set to offer a beta programme for iOS and Android beta users that will also let them access WhatsApp Web beta, suggests the report. The platform has recently been adding a lot of features and improvements to its Web counterpart, including the recent support for voice and video calls via WhatsApp Web.

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