What you need to know to fix the p0012 code

fix the p0012 code

P0012 is an OBD-II Trouble Code. The code means that your vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) has detected the intake camshaft timing on the first cylinder side of the engine (Bank 1) is not corresponding with the intake camshaft timing that the ECM expects. As such, the camshaft timing is said to be over-retarded. This trouble code means that the intake camshaft is taking too long to open after the engine’s intake cycle. The engine will then require a diagnosis. Your vehicle may experience some drivability, idle, or starting issues. Read to discover what you need to know to fix the p0012 code.

  1. Causes. You should know that most diesel-powered vehicles have variable engine valve timing functionality. This means that the ECM can adjust each time the spark plugs are fired. At that moment, the intake and exhaust pipes also close and open. The timing of these events affects the efficiency of combustion, but it all depends on the type of engine design. In some models, electronic components control the intake and exhaust camshaft timing. In others, hydraulics and automatic valves control the system. For hydraulic controlled engines, you have to ensure that the engine oil is of the right viscosity, amount, and it is clean. Here are a few things that could cause the p0012 code.
  • Inadequate oil flow
  • Contaminated engine oil
  • Spoilt variable camshaft timing(VCT) oil control valve
  • Defective camshaft phaser, which is the gear component of the VCT system.
  1. Symptoms of p0012 trouble code. If your vehicle has a p0012 OBD-II trouble code, you may notice that it has a hard start, poor engine idle, or possible stalling when stopped. You may also see that your malfunction indicator light is illuminated. Additionally, you may experience a decrease in fuel economy.
  1. Fixing a p0012 problem. The first thing that you should check when diagnosing this fault is your engine and filter oil. Checking your oil is the simplest thing you can do. If your engine oil is okay, consider using a scan tool to clear the p0012 trouble code from the ECM memory. Watch if the check engine light illuminates again. If it turns back on, you have a mechanical fault that you should address. If the light does not illuminate after clearing the code, then perhaps the code was caused by an unexpected engine operating condition.

Watch your vehicle for the next few days to see if the light returns. If it is back on, consider visiting a reputable smog repair station. Diagnosing a p0012 trouble code requires special skills and tools. Any misdiagnose may cost you a lot of money or even engine damage.

Make sure that you do not drive your vehicle if it has a p0012 trouble code. Apart from diminishing your fuel economy, your engine may lack power. If Bank 1 does not run, your bank 2 will have an additional load.

With these tips, you can now take the right path when fixing a p0012 code.  

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