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What are the healthiest foods for a balanced diet? 

Everyone knows that a balanced diet is essential to enjoying a long, healthy life. And we all know that we’re supposed to aim for five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables a day, as well as avoiding the temptations of a McDonald’s Big Mac. 

However… what does a balanced diet actually mean? Apart from the obvious – a little bit of everything and not too much of anything – it may not be clear what specific foods you should look to eat. For example, it’s estimated that 75 per cent of the population doesn’t reach the recommended dose of 300mg of magnesium a day. Clearly an imbalance – but how do you fix it?

Fear not – we’re here to help. There are a number of nutrient rich foods that you can add to, or increase in, your diet, en route to attaining your maximum health. Below, we’ve listed twelve of the key additions, from cruciferous vegetables, to quinoa. 

Bon appetit…

1. Cruciferous vegetables

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