Video Of Melania Trump Meeting Putin Has People Reading Into Her “Terrified” Expression

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a controversial figure for tons of reasons — and Twitter thinks First Lady Melania Trump is not his biggest fan. Many people are saying this video of Melania meeting Putin in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday shows her looking totally startled after shaking hands with the Russian leader.

Although it appears in the video that the first lady is smiling during the initial greeting, her face drops seconds later. Then she poses for a photo shoot next to her husband and Putin and smiles again.

Folks on Twitter are speculating that Melania’s eyes are screaming for help as she prepares to pose while wearing a yellow Gucci coat. One user said she looked “terrified.”

As Elle pointed out, this isn’t the first time the first lady’s expressions have seemingly spoken a thousand words. There was that time during the president’s inauguration when she went from smiling as Trump looked at her to immediately frowning when he turned away.

And the look on Melania’s face after meeting Putin did seem to echo that moment. But she could have just been preparing to take a photo or she could have had her mind on other things. The mind of Melania cannot be read, after all.

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Written by sortiwa