validate aadhaar: How to validate digital signature on your downloaded Aadhaar


How to validate digital signature on your downloaded Aadhaar

Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI allows users to download the digital copy of Aadhaar which is also as valid as the physical Aadhar. The digital Aadhaar card is properly verified and it also comes with a digital signature as the proof of validation.

But, If you see a ‘?’ mark on the digital signature in your downloaded Aadhaar file, you will have to manually validate it for authenticity. Read on to know how to do it.

Working internet connectivity

An electronic version of Aadhaar

Steps to validate


Open e-Aadhaar PDF file on your computer and enter the PIN


Right-click on the ‘validity unknown’ icon and click on ‘Validate Signature’


Click on the Signature Properties option


Click on ‘Show Certificate.’


Then, click on Show Signature’s Certificate button


Mark the certification path named ‘NIC sub-CA for NIC 2011, National Informatics centre’, click the ‘Trust’ tab and then ‘Add to Trusted Identities’.


Click on Ok from the security popup window


Check (✔) the field for ‘Use this certificate as a trusted root’ and click ‘OK’ twice to close this and the next window.


Click ‘Validate Signature’ to execute the validation.

Note: Once ‘NIC sub-CA for NIC 2011, National Informatics centre’ has been as a Trusted Identity, any subsequent documents with digital signatures from CCA will be validated automatically when opened.

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