Top Talent Assessment Platforms 2021 [Updated]

Why is hiring the right candidate so difficult these days? There is no simple explanation, and no one can relate to the pain better than the recruitment team, like you. Gone are the days when CVs used to be the prima facie to predict a candidate’s ability to measure good on the job. Now, the job requires a complete assessment of technical and non-technical skills. In this regard, AI-powered skill assessment tools can save your time and energy to a great extent. In this regard, here are the Top talent assessment platforms to help you find the right candidate with ease.

 Top talent assessment platforms 2021

  1. Glider.AI

With Glider, you get hundreds of prebuilt question papers to gauge candidate skill levels through a highly flexible tool. It also gives you the flexibility to evaluate tests liver, over video or pre-recorded, to represent transparency as one of the core ethics of your company. When it comes to finding the right techie, no one does it better than Glider as it has customized test papers for over 150+ programming languages to assess only the top 1% of the global talent pool. 

The best part is that it can create a virtual work environment to let you see how the candidate would perform the job on day-1. You can directly interact with the candidates during the test or can add an embedded video to pass on instructions if required by your test process.

 What’s unique?

  • Prebuilt customized question papers
  • Access to over 150+ languages
  • Simulated real-world work environment
  • Easy integration with existing architecture

 2. Code Signal

Code Signal helps you make your recruiting process inclusive and objective with its advanced coding assessment environment. It features take-home assessments that almost mimic the work environment to let you easily separate the wheat from the chaff. It has inbuilt tools such as ID verification, automated online proctoring and session recording to avoid proxy interviews. It can record and playback every keystroke received and flag any suspicious submissions through automatic plagiarism checkers.

 What’s unique?

  • Keystroke Playback
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Certified assessment
  • Role-based assessment

 3. Ducknowl

 If you don’t want your assessment tool to meet a similar fate as that ofthe Amazon AI recruitment tool in the past, Ducknowl would be your ideal bet. It hosts all essential features of an ideal assessment tool yet runs algorithms in line with human instructions to remove any chance of unconscious bias. Candidates receive a link to the test window in mail and verify their identity through Ducknowl’s proprietary id verification methods to prove their eligibility. Like Glider and Code Signal, it has role-based assessments to save your time and effort. You get access to hundreds of technical and non-technical prebuilt assessments to judge a candidate’s social, cognitive and personal skills. 

What’s unique?

  • Advanced resume parsing technology
  • Create custom tests or choose from templates
  • Multi-tier Proxy prevention
  • Makes your recruitment legally defensible 

 4. Berke

 The overall performance of a candidate is measured not only by his core skills but also by various attitudinal traits. Berke can help you find candidates with such personality and problem-solving traits that your job needs.

The assessment result outlines potential qualities and gives you actionable guidelines to make an easy decision. It takes pride in its algorithm that is backed by 500+ criterion-related validation studies. Berke claims to measure innate traits and abilities such as adaptability, assertiveness, optimism, responsiveness, sociability, spatial visualization, rapid problem solving, integrity, etc.

 What’s unique?

  • Multi-device accessibility
  • Measures personality traits
  • Measures problem-solving traits
  • Includes an attitudinal test for integrity
  • 800+ prebuilt skill tests to measure hard skills

5. Toogl Hire

 Toogl Hire lets you hire like a pro. Its 1-click test platform enables candidates to take assessments with ease. You get auto-generated skill tests for 75+ job roles starting from marketing to product development. It confidently features a window of comparison where it shows its uniqueness against top competitors, including HackerRank, Codility, Toptal, Harver, and Google Forms.

The full suite comes with advanced features such as a skill test generator, role-based tests, automatic grading, public API, and dedicated account manager. However, it lacks personality and aptitude testing schemas, unlike Berke.

 What’s unique?

  • Role-based assessments
  • Auto skill tests generator
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Integrated with ATS tools
  • Affordable pricing
  1. ThriveMap

ThriveMap allows you to create personalized and realistic job assessments for companies that hire candidates in low volume. The tool has a pre-written assessment bundle, including technical skills tests, situational judgment tests, cognitive ability tests, and personality tests. It is excellent for hiring candidates who fit perfectly with your unique company work culture.

 What’s unique?

  • Includes an attitudinal test for integrity
  • Auto skill tests generator
  • Create custom tests or choose from templates
  • Multi-tier Proxy prevention

End Thoughts

There is no end to the list of suggestions. You will find every assessment tool with some cutting edge over its competitors. That’s where your personal judgment comes into the picture. The best way to select an ideal tool is to sort your requirements keeping future scalability in mind, and then look for pay-as-you-go services that tick all the boxes. Good Luck! 


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