Top 10 Flutter App Development Tools to use in 2021


As per data, users worldwide spent a collective average of 200 billion hours using apps, just between the three months of April to June in 2020.


It takes no genius to fathom how dependant we have become on mobile apps. From dating to banking, there’s an app for everything. 


With start-ups and businesses being in a frenzy to develop apps for themselves, one can easily state that the skill of app development is one of the most sought after today. So, if you are in anyways considering the prospect of app development using Flutter, this article will help you enormously.


What this article contains?

  1. Why use Flutter?

  2. Top 10 Flutter App Development Tools to use in 2021

  1. Codemagic

  2. Appetize 

  3. Supernova

  4. Panache

  5. Visual Studio Code

  6. Sylph

  7. Android Studio

  8. Adobe XD

  9. Firebase

  10. Screenshots



  1. Why use Flutter?

Do you know what similarity Google Ads, Xianyu (by Alibaba), and SpaceX Go have besides being amazing applications? They have all been developed through Flutter. 


Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit by Google. It allows the users to develop apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, and the web from a single codebase. 


Plus, it is cost-effective, has a compressed code development time, and even supports code debugging, code completion, and visual support. In short, it’s a complete package at low costs and is the most ideal for almost everyone. 



  1. Top 10 Flutter App Development Tools

Without any further ado, let’s jump directly to the list of top app development tools. 


  1. Codemagic

Codemagic is one of the most efficient tools for your app-building process using the Flutter framework. With exciting features like automation, it tests and creates an app that streamlines the whole process. 


Codemagic even provides a solution to test and build the whole mobile application consuming a very short time. And with the latest developer tools, portal integration, and a fast delivery time, it is one of the best choices. 


  1. Appetize

Appetize is a cross-platform mobile app development tool that allows running native mobile apps in your browser either in an HTML or a JavaScript format. 


It also has training and customer support and supports automation and testing as well. Moreover, it also permits both the developers and the users to keep up with the app. 


With a short time-to-market time of the app and easy understandability, it is the best suited for the new users of Flutter.


  1. Supernova

Very recently Supernova is introduced as an assistance tool for the Flutter framework. It helps the user to easily import UI designs to a supernova and export them to Flutter. 


Apart from this, Supernova is also capable of making real-time changes with the Flutter app concurrently. It is also competent in creating production-ready layouts, smart prototyping, seamless iteration, and more. 


Hiring flutter app developers ensure they can work on Supernova and can help you in the app’s design, experience, and usability.  


  1. Panache

Panache is a flutter material editor tool. It helps one create material themes for the application. You can customize the shape, design, color, or theme and then export the drive folder as a .dart file. 


It is one of the most trusted tools by many developers. Millions of developers use it, which also makes hiring one relatively easier. They can be employed to create personalized and visually pleasing themes and materials for your app. 


With it being entirely free and open-source, it makes a great choice amongst the plethora of options. 



  1. Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is again a cross-platform mobile app development platform. It facilitates version control, running tasks, and creating and debugging web & cloud apps. 


Smart code completion, snippets, debugging, embedded GIT, and syntax highlighting are its key features. It also provides support for Windows, Linux, and macOS. 


Developed by Microsoft, it is lightweight and strong. The only significant limitation is it doesn’t work with a complicated workflow. Thereby, it serves as a perfect choice for someone who can look beyond that. 


  1. Sylph

Sylph, developed by Maurice McCabe, is an open-source platform and a command-line tool. It is widely used to cover around the AWS Device Farm. 


The option to run end-to-end tests, and easy Flutter integration on varied Android and iOS gadgets in real-time acts further to its advantage. 


Some other key aspects are the development of testable iOS debugging apps, configuration validation, and support for more than 100 Android and iOS tools in a single run. 


  1. Android Studio

Android Studio is regarded as one of the most effective IDEs out there to build effective apps. Because of this, numerous developers use it every day. 


It also offers features like syntax highlight process, widget editing support, and code completion features. It even enables you to create and run applications on an Android device or emulator. 


To develop responsive, feature-rich, and effective applications, it shall be your first preference. 


  1. Adobe XD

Adobe launched its new plugin at the Flutter Interact Event. Adobe XD allows the user to create aesthetic mobile app designs in a straightforward design workflow. 


The Adobe creative cloud also lets the user design micro-interactions, vector art, images, and imagination. Moreover, it also creates a dart code for the design component that can be directly placed in the app codebase. 


It even lets creation and sharing for sites, apps, games, voice interfaces, etc. Because of this, it is widely used among a specific group of developers. 


  1. Firebase

A Flutter app development platform by Google, Firebase helps you develop and run mobile apps successfully. It allows the user to launch the apps across iOS and Android platforms too. 


Users can also place Firebase APIs jointly in a single IDK to unify the backend processes. An accelerated app development process, rich analytics, and A/B testing and messaging campaigns make the whole process smooth. 


Besides, being developed by Google gives it credibility. 


  1. Screenshots

Screenshots, as the name specifies, is a command-line utility that helps you capture screenshots. It is considered one of the most efficient IDEs as well.


It enables uploading screenshots on the status bar directly and then integrating them into the Flutter application. The integrated screenshots also work seamlessly into iOS and Android platforms. 


Apart from that, it runs your screen capture tests and processes the images too. It makes it one of the best app development tools for Flutter. 


Wrapping Up

As Flutter is the most widely used UI framework and is developed by Google, they come with numerous tools and options to choose from. 


The tools mentioned above are some of the best and most efficient tools available today, and you can use any of them at your convenience. These will help you to build alluring apps with all the specifications required, being low-cost and swift at the same time. 

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