Things That Can Seriously Impact Your Oral Health

Your oral health is important because it can affect all other aspects of your life. Poor oral health can lead to physical illnesses and mental and emotional anguish because of the problems that decaying teeth can cause. The following are some of the things that can seriously impact your oral health. Pay close attention to these areas of concern and take action to prevent them from affecting your wellness.

Having a High Sugar Intake

Sugar is the number one cause of cavities out of all culprits. Sugar mixes with the bacteria in your mouth and attacks your tooth enamel almost immediately. It can do damages for hours if you leave it there, as most people do. The best way to avoid that from happening is to lower your sugar intake. You must also practice good habits by rinsing your mouth with water shortly after you ingest something that has a lot of sugar in it.

Smoking and Drinking Coffee and Tea

High coffee and tea consumption can cause tooth decay if you load them up with lots of sugar. They can also affect your teeth cosmetically by causing stains that are hard to eliminate. You may have to spend a lot of money at the dentist for teeth whitening treatments and scraping. Too much harm caused by the sugar in these substances can force you to consider dental implants in Cary, NC, or wherever you live, for replacements as a solution for lost teeth.

Poor Diet and Nutrition

Sometimes, tooth decay occurs because of imbalances on the inside of your body. You need to have a diet and nutrient intake that builds tooth and bone strength and overall health. Elements such as calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C are crucial for maintaining tooth health. You can speak to a nutritionist who can help you ensure that you get a healthy dose of those nutrients daily. You’ll be happy that you invested in keeping your choppers safe from decay and infection.

Weak Oral Hygiene Habits

Poor oral hygiene habits can destroy your oral health. You can easily build up to harmful levels of bacteria, plaque, and tartar from not exercising healthy habits. Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes for maximum cleaning. You must also use dental floss daily to get into the crevices where bacteria can reside and attack. You should make a habit of washing your tongue every day, as well. Furthermore, drink as much water as possible. Water can help you flush out items that your toothbrush and floss thread may have been unable to get. It can also keep your body in cleansing mode all the way around.

Piercings in the Oral Cavity

You might think that tongue and labret piercings are fashion statements. That may be true, but they can also be statements that you don’t want to protect your teeth. Labret piercings sit in front of your bottom row and can rub away your tooth enamel and gums. Tongue piercings are troublesome because they can get in the way and cause you to bite on them by accident. In fact, many people develop biting habits when they have tongue piercings. Those bad habits can cause chips in the teeth that can be breeding grounds for additional bacteria.

Leaving Your Mouth Dry

Your mouth needs to be lubricated with saliva to be effective in washing away bad bacteria. Therefore, you must resolve a dry mouth as quickly as possible. Increasing your daily water intake can help you to produce more saliva. Using a mouthwash that’s specifically designed for people who have a dry mouth can also be effective. Quitting habits such as smoking that make your mouth dry can also help you to create a cleaner environment that will protect your teeth. Another idea is to invest in some sugar-free lozenges. They may help you to keep the overall area moist enough to protect you. Ask your dentist for additional suggestions that will help you.

Be Smarter With Your Oral Care

Those are some of the things to avoid and to look out for if you want to maintain excellent oral health. Remember those tips and make sure that you visit a dentist at least twice a year every year. Your teeth will love you for it.

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