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Published: July 29, 2020 10:29:50 am

Online gaming Industry in India is estimated to be a .7 billion opportunity by 2023

By Anand Subramanya, Director, Product Marketing, Dell Technologies, India

The gamer stereotype – nerdy, asocial, teenage boys or men – just does not hold anymore. Multiple studies show that gamers are dynamic, social, and successful people, proud to call themselves gamers. Today’s gamer’s profiles (there are many) have evolved as dynamically as the evolution of video games and technology. Today, there are no age or gender barriers to be a video game player, and more people are playing to relax, entertain themselves, and reduce stress.
Gender gap closing, more women enjoy gaming

According to a recent survey by YouGov India, three in ten people (29%) played online games daily, of which 31% were men and 27% women, signalling a very small gender gap. 64% of women in tier-3 cities spent up to three hours a week on online games, statistically higher than women in tier-1 (52%) and tier-2 cities (54%) respectively.

According to Dell’s State of Gaming (2018) survey across 11 countries including India, one in every two players (47%) have a female friend, almost a third (29%) has a sister who likes video games, while 21% of respondents’ daughters played video games. The survey found that most gamers are dynamic and balanced people, who not only focus on playing at a high level, but also give priority to relating to other players. One out of every four gamers surveyed made new friends (26%), got closer to friends who played (25%), and made close ties through video games (25%), proving that video games could unite people in an incredibly unique way. At the same time, the survey showed that gamers led busy lives outside of video games.

Professional gaming – An endearing new opportunity

According to reports, the online gaming industry in India is estimated to be a $3.7 billion opportunity by 2023 with over 628 million gamers from India. The State of Online Gaming 2019 report from Limelight Networks, indicates that close to 36% of global players would leave their jobs to become professional gamers. To e-sports players, video games are not just a game, they train as seriously as athletes!

It is essential to create awareness about various opportunities in the gaming industry – professional gamers, game designers, animators, developers, sound engineers, game reviewers, live commentary (shoutcasting), etc. This way, young players who aspire to be e-sports professionals can receive support from learning institutions and gaming companies to start building a career in video games.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Identify a game that you enjoy playing. You can choose to specialise in this game later.

Gaming is a time-intensive activity, be prepared to invest your time to reap its dividends. Practise is key to becoming a professional.

Make sure you have the right gaming equipment. If you play a range of games, your gaming peripherals must be suited to meet your needs.

Focus on improving coordination and game communication to reap better results.

Create a team that supports you through thick and thin. This is crucial to winning tournaments!

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