The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality


Religion vs Spirituality

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What is the core difference between religion and spirituality?

To me, it’s that religion is restrictive, whereas spirituality is liberating.

You see, religion, as it commonly exists, gives us a dogma to adhere to. It tells us what is true and false, and asks that we unquestionably accept it. It tells us what is right and wrong, and asks that we act accordingly. If we do adhere to its dogma, religion promises us incredible rewards, such as heaven. But if we don’t, it warns us of gruesome punishments, such as hell.

Spirituality, on the other hand, does not tell us what is true and right, but instead allows us the freedom to question our beliefs and start our own quest for the truth. It does not tell us how to live, but instead encourages us to examine our behavior and understand the consequences of our actions. It does not promise us heaven or warn us of hell, but instead provides us with tools to help us discover a peaceful state of consciousness.

Having said that, the lines between religion and spirituality are blurred, since many of the world’s religions do originate from spirituality and still contain aspects of it. But in their perverted, dogmatic form, religions are for the most part antithetical to the essence of spirituality, which is a journey toward truth, peace and freedom, not blind belief, fear and obedience.

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