Tesla set to unveil its ‘Cybertruck’ electric pickup November 21

Forward-looking: “Early in the 21st Century, The Tesla Corporation advanced electric vehicle evolution into the NEXUS phase – a truck nothing like an F-150 – known as a ‘Cybertruck.'” Pardon the Blade Runner reference, but Elon Musk started it when he announced Tesla’s upcoming electric truck unveil later this month.

A Wednesday tweet from Elon Musk revealed that Tesla plans to unveil its electric truck later this month. Dubbed “Cybertruck” by Musk, the vehicle’s design drew inspiration from the flying cars called Spinners in the movie Blade Runner.

Tesla will publicly showcase the truck at its design studio, which is on the grounds of the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles on November 21. The location and date are coincidentally the setting and time of the movie Blade Runner — Los Angeles, November 2019. Its original reveal date was supposed to be in September until Musk postponed it. So maybe it is not such a coincidence.

Not much is known about the design, although fan renders (masthead) and a teaser image (below) are floating around online. Musk described it as “heart-stopping” with a “cyberpunk” look and feel.

Musk claims that the truck will have better utility than an F-150. It will also supposedly have higher performance than a Porsche 911, a claim that would seem far fetched until you see how fast Tesla’s electric semi-truck can take off. That beast can go from zero to 60 mph in five seconds unloaded and 20 seconds carrying an 80,000-pound payload.

The Tesla founder also said that the truck would have room for five passengers plus the driver. It will have a range of somewhere around 400 to 500 miles and will probably sell for about $50,000.

Musk teased a high-end variant that would sport twin engines and supposedly tow up to 300,000 pounds but didn’t give any other specifics.

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