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Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj Twitter FEUD Over MTV VMA Noms!

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Written by sortiwa


  1. 1:30s where was the FN rage? You’re the example of white media she’s talking about. Nothing about that tweet resembles rage. Y’all love shading black Women but you gave Kim K. The benefit of the doubt and you know darn well that wasn’t an accident. Be responsible for your words because they shape society’s view. And it was very irresponsible of you to try and say Nicki was raging when clearly America’s sweetheart was the one hot and bothered. Unsubbing, my ancestors are all shooting you the middle finger. #NickiIsQueen!

  2. Then why in taylers look what you made me do it says "Another day another drama drama, but not for me not for me…" I thought she wasn't in this drama thing.

    Yeah I know this probably happened before look what you made me do came out and this comment is dumb lol.

  3. Nicki has a valid point. People say Taylor got nominated, cause she broke records. Nicki broke them records first, but people say she doesn't deserve a nomination. Like, Nicki was right. The White media is fucked up. So when Taylor breaks records with her White-ass, she deserves nominations? But when Nicki's black-self break records, she doesn't deserve them? Fuck you, White media! No wonder why we Blacks don't fucking like you racists.