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Taylor Swift Has 56K Fans Send Well Wishes To Camila After Missing Rep Tour

More Celebrity News ▻▻ We told you yesterday that Camila Cabello wouldn’t be able to perform her opening set in Seattle, …


Written by sortiwa


  1. I really did not realize how hard Camila was pushing herself after her performance at the BBMAs last Sunday night. She killed it with that performance nonetheless. But yeah, I hope she feels better soon. I love Camila a lot and I was worried that she was hospitalized, and it was nice of Taylor to have her fans send Camila well wishes for her to get better.

  2. The difference between Kanye West and Taylor Swift:


    Taylor in Seattle: 3 2 1… GET WELL CAMILA!

    "This is why we can't have nice things" Kanye 😐

  3. one of the best parts of the show. Seattle missed camila but she was part of the show in spirit. proud to of been a part of the 56k team that wished her a get well soon message. much love to all

  4. Taylor is so kind I don't know what bushers think/see in taylor but I wish they realize that Taylor is beautiful, best best Friend, friendly and a kind person
    I wish I had bff like Taylor. Get well soon Camila we love you😍😘😘

  5. I love it Taylor is the sweetest person ever. Get well soon Camila God bless you with good health and a quick recovery Rock on Taylor and Charlie XCX