Take-Two Interactive says more sequels are on their way


Something to look forward to: Take-Two Interactive, the publisher best known for Grand Theft Auto, has revealed that sequels to some of its biggest games are in the works.

In its earnings call for the second quarter of the financial year, the company stated it had the “strongest development pipeline in its history, including sequels from our biggest franchises as well as exciting new IP.”

While one of these sequels could be GTA VI, a more likely title is a new BioShock game. Early last year, Kotaku reported that work had started on another entry in the series, while a 2K job listing for an End Game Design Lead is rumored to be for BioShock 3, which could be a live service game.

We haven’t seen a new BioShock title since the BioShock Infinite expansion Burial at Sea in 2014, so fans are clamoring for a return to the franchise’s fantastical world.

Another sequel could be Mafia 4. It’s been three years since the release of Mafia 3, which, after a ton of pre-release hype, arrived with some very average-to-poor reviews. Rumors claim the latest addition will be set in 1970s Las Vegas, and developer Hanger 13 will no doubt be looking to make amends for the lackluster previous game.

As for GTA VI, we have heard that Rockstar Games has started very early work on the title, but it’s unlikely to be announced for a while yet, especially with GTA V Online and Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode keeping the company busy.

Expect some of Take-Two’s unannounced games to also appear on the next-generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, which are arriving late next year.

Take-Two’s report also revealed that GTA V has now sold over 115 million copies, while Borderlands 3 has reached 7 million sales.


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