Super Mario Bros’ sealed copy sold for a whopping $660,000 making it most expensive game ever

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) has been sold for a whopping $660,000 at Heritage Auctions on April 2 after aggressive bidding. When converted to Indian currency, it translates to Rs 4,84,29,500 approximately which makes it the most expensive video game ever sold. The base bid for the copy was $310,000 (over Rs 2.27 crore).

As per Ars Technica, Heritage Auctions told them it was purchased as a Christmas gift and remained untouched for 35 years as it was kept in the bottom desk of a drawer. It has a rating of 9.6 which translates to mint copy or in near perfect condition.

“As soon as this copy of Super Mario Bros. arrived at Heritage, we knew the market would find it just as sensational as we did,” Heritage Auctions Video Games Director Valarie McLeckie said in a statement. “Even so, the degree to which this game was embraced outside the market has been nothing short of exceptional, and that aspect of this sale has certainly exceeded our expectations. Though, I suppose we can’t be too shocked; who doesn’t love Mario?”

The seller of the record-breaking game copy said that he “never thought anything about it” as it remained at the bottom of his office desk since the day he bought it. He will now receive $550,000 for it whereas $110,000 will go to Heritage Auctions as “Buyers’ Premium”.

The previous record for the most expensive video game was held by Super Mario Bros only showing the craze of the vintage game. It was in mint condition also with a rating of 9.4 and was sold for $114,000 (Rs 83,65,000 approximately).

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