Summer Hair Care Routine 2018

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Written by sortiwa


  1. Hello
    First: I love you ! ❤️
    I have a question. I started my hair journey six months ago. Your videos help me a lot but lately I found some split ends. Not a lot but its sad because I take cafe od it. Do you have some split ends even with your hair routine?

  2. I love watching your videos and Instagram for your hair care tips! I am also Portuguese so I feel we have very similar hair. 😛 Love from BC!

  3. you gotta try the khadi hair oils if you're open to new oils 🙂 they're amazing and i'm sure you'd enjoy them, too! they have 3 different ones and they are all great, i can't even say which one's my favourite.

  4. I'm just starting my hair journey. It was to my bra and I cut to the top of my shoulders to start over fresh. I've ordered from the innate life and plan to order from calia! Patience and more patience which isn't one of my virtues lol. One week with no heat and my hair is a mess but I'm embracing the mess. Your videos are so helpful and keep me encouragd!!

  5. Loved this video Anna! I was wondering where I can get a wooden brush in Toronto? I’ve been looking for one this past month and can’t seem to find one anywhere. Thanks in advance 🙂

  6. I’m going on a trip the last week of July so literally the video you will make about what you’re taking on your trip is PERFECT timing♥️👏🏼

  7. I have classic length hair (over the butt) and I wash with a sulfate shampoo (due to a scalp condition), that is why I condition my hair twice after washing. I also use an oil rinse in between both my conditioners on the last 5 inches of my hair. I just use a tiny puddle of oil, spread through palms and put it on the last 5 inches, then I smash my last conditioner on over it, let it marinate then rinse. It works like a charm. I am wavy/curly, and so I also use the LOC / LCO method for styling.

  8. I started my hair growth a month ago because I was inspired by you to do the inversion method. My hair is 29 and 1/2 inches and 75 centimeters, I think. Correct me if I’m wrong. But I will update if you want to after every inversion. I’ll do it 1 week in 1 month so I’ll do it for 3 months. I’ll update soon, xo love you Queen 😛✌️💯🖖🏀🐴🐶🖤

  9. I go to swimming clases btw 3/5 a week. And i dont know what to do with my hair. And don't know what to do… do i have to wash my hair with shampoo every time? Or i can just use water to rins all of the stuff that are in the water? Plss HELP!
    Ps:i do an oil treatmen every week
    My hair is about 28/30 inches.
    Ps2: i LOVE your videos! Hope u can help me!
    Send u all my love from Argentina! (Sorry , my inglish is not that good!😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  10. i love you and your videos. i started my hair growth journey about 6 months ago and you are the first channel that i saw and started following…my hair has grown almost 4 inches since then thank you so much. all you tips are practical and not the kind of bullshit you see you youtube like "grow you hair overnight" or something..and that is why i love you so much. you keep it real and classy<3