Struggling with Sales? 5 Techniques to Improve Your Outreach

Struggling with Sales_ 5 Techniques to Improve Your Outreach

The key to getting a steady flow of customers is to work on your prospect and customer outreach. This is a process that you connect with your audience in a profound way that will not just create sales, but create a deeper connection between your brand and your future customers or clients. Here are five proven techniques that will help you improve your sales and your connection to your audience.

Cultivate Inbound Calls with Free Consultations

No one wants to get unsolicited cold calls. Plus, cold calling doesn’t work very well. What does work is when you get prospects to call you. How is that possible? How can you get someone to pick up the phone and want to connect with you? One of the best ways to get inbound calls is to offer value. One of the best value prospects is to offer a free consultation. For instance, if you are a tax accountant, you can offer a free consultation for any business that needs some questions answered about any recent tax changes. If you are a fitness instructor, you can offer a free consultation on a person’s fitness goals. During the call, you will be able to demonstrate your authority and be able to give the person an offer. From there, you can make the person an offer and close on a high ticket sale. Inbound calls, when executed properly, can have an excellent closing rate.

Using Webinars

Another way to reach out to your prospects is to offer value on a mass scale. This is done through a webinar. A webinar is either a life or a recorded long-form broadcast where you deliver value to your audience. The webinar can last anywhere from 60 minutes to three hours. At the end of the webinar, you make an “offer stack” where you give the audience a package of products or services for a one-time-offer low price. For instance, if you are selling a course on public speaking, you can offer a six-week course along with three e-books and live calls with a retail value of $10,000 for only $997. Webinars have a great ability to close because you can spend hours with the audience demonstrating your authority and emphasizing that you have the solution to their “pain points.”

Educational Programs

Another way to reach out to your audience is to simply create a platform to educate people on your subject of expertise. Here is a great example. There are a number of financial brokers that allow you to trade options. All of these brokers have some educational videos to help their customers. However, one brokerage, Tastytrade, has created over eight hours of daily programming on options trading to help their consumers. They have thousands of hours of educational videos to help make their customers smarter. Someone who is interested in trading options will fall into the “rabbit hole” of Tastytrades educational videos and will eventually open an account with that brokerage. Becoming a leading educator in your field will make you a magnet for engaged audiences.


Testimonials are a powerful way to reach out to your audience. People want to know that your product or service works. By demonstrating that your business can generate real results can go a long way in getting an audience to connect to your brand.

Use E-mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing can help you connect with a mass audience in a very direct way. You can build up an e-mail list by offering a lead magnet such as a free ebook, eGuide, or educational videos. Then you will follow up with an e-mail campaign that leads to an offer. Beyond that, you can use the e-mail list to broadcast updates on discounts, offers, new product launches, and more. E-mail can create a steady stream of revenue and new customers.

Reaching Out and Getting Customers

When you outreach, you can connect with your customers in a number of different ways. By offering free consultations with inbound calls, launching webinars, educating the market, using testimonials, and e-mail campaigns you will be well on the way to generating leads and sales. Try these tactics today. You will see some real results that will generate sales.

Written by sortiwa

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