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Mangaluru: Star Chef 2, the sequel to 99Games’ popular cooking game Star Chef that has generated over $30 million in lifetime revenues, has been released on Wednesday.

Players are in for an infinite source of culinary fun, joy and learning as the new game is more than just a cosmetic upgrade – players can now collaborate with fellow chefs from around the world to compete in Chef Team events and engage in interesting trivia.

Star Chef 2 is a cooking and restaurant management game where players cook, bake and grill the finest cuisines using state-of-the-art appliances. Players can hire chefs with exceptional cooking skills and cater to the needs of customers craving fine-dine delicacies from across the globe. The game play features live music, celebrity appearances, pool parties and much more to keep its audience engaged outside the kitchen. Every restaurant can be renovated with a wide range of lavish decors to glitz up the ambiance, allowing players complete control of building the restaurant of their dreams.The game’s strong community play features help players team-up to collaborate in events and compete with other teams to ultimately secure the coveted title of Star Chef.

“With Star Chef 2, we repackaged the very best, sharing the same sentiments, same joy, the same emotions – and added depth, various food combinations, personalization and community play. And the results are showing with strong metrics from the test launch!” stated Rohith Bhat, CEO of 99Games, in a release.

“Star Chef 2 is an incredibly engaging and joyful experience and we’re excited to help 99Games scale it into an even more successful game than its predecessor,” said Dan Barnes, COO of N3TWORK. “We can’t wait to see how the title performs with NSP as its partner.”

99Games is India’s leading Developer and Publisher of games of international standards for Global and Indian consumers. It has created India’s most successfully monetized game ‘Star Chef’ and one of India’s most downloaded games ‘Dhoom:3 The Game’. 99Games has published over 22 game titles that have seen 80+ Million downloads globally.


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