Spyra’s new digital water blaster improves on the original in nearly every way


Why it matters: In 2018, we profiled a Kickstarter campaign from a company called Spyra. Their goal was quite simple: to create a battery-powered water blaster that eliminates pain points associated with dinky squirt guns. Nearly 2,800 people backed the project, making the Spyra One a reality. Now it’s time for round two.

The new Spyra Two improves on the original in nearly every way. According to the manufacturer, it features a new design with an improved digital display (ammo counter), boasts a higher rate of fire, shoots further (up to 46 feet when fired at a 45-degree angle or closer to 30 feet when fired head-on) and has twice the battery life compared to the original, meaning you can expect around 2,000 shots per charge.

To refill, simply dip the gun in a water source like a large bucket or a pool. The refill time has been cut down from 14 seconds to 12 seconds, we’re told, no doubt due to it having a slightly smaller tank than before.

Pre-orders have already sold out, but Spyra says the next batch of blasters will start shipping in early July. It won’t come cheap, either, at $159. Whether or not that’s worth being the coolest kid at the next pool party, beach outing or impromptu water fight is up to you. Personally, at that price, I might have to revisit the classic Super Soaker 50.


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