Sony rumored to launch four Xperia flagships next year


Rumor mill: Sony’s most recent quarter might be one of the worst in its history when it comes to selling smartphones, but the company refuses to give up the segment and could be planning to release as many as four flagships next year, if leaks are to be believed.

Sony’s smartphone business has been in a steady decline for many years now. Even the company’s latest crop of phones like the Xperia 1 and Xperia 5, have failed to turn the tide as the company managed to sell just 600,000 Xperias in its latest quarter (Q2 FY19), a figure that’s down by a million units when compared to the same period last year.

Nevertheless, a new leak from Japanese website Android Next suggests that Sony could be revealing four new flagship models in 2020. These would be called the Xperia 0, Xperia 1.1, Xperia 3 and Xperia 5.1.

All phones are expected to feature the latest Snapdragon 865 SoC and 5G connectivity, with the Xperia 0 being the highest-end model. This phone will boast six cameras on the back, a 5K display on the front and is being seen as a successor to the Xperia XZ3. The Xperia 0 is rumored to make an appearance at IFA 2020.

Meanwhile, the Xperia 1.1 and 5.1 are reportedly the successors to Sony’s latest lineup and could be unveiled at next year’s MWC in February. Both models will have four rear cameras with the Xperia 5.1 getting a QHD display as opposed to the Xperia 1.1’s 4K screen.

The last model is the Xperia 3 which is likely to be a successor to the XZ2 Compact. Although no announcement date or linked event has been mentioned for this phone, it’s expected to be the smallest one in 2020’s Xperia range and will feature a triple camera setup on the back and a QHD display.


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