Sony reportedly discontinuing few PS4, PS4 Pro models

It’s bad news for people who were hoping that they will buy a cheaper Sony PlayStation 4 with the next-gen console PlayStation 5 going on sale in India in February. Sony is reportedly discontinuing some PS4 and PS4 Pro models as per retailers in Japan. As per GameWatch, only Jet Black 500GB model will be the only version of the PS4 that will be in production whereas all other models will get discontinued.

Reportedly, Sony has taken this step to boost the production of PS5 to meet the increasing demand for the newly-released models worldwide. This means that the PS4 Pro will get discontinued just four years after its release. For people who are looking to buy PS4, this will be the opportune moment to get it.

We checked for the older gaming console’s availability on various e-commerce websites. Only Reliance Digital has multiple versions available for the PS4 which may dry out once the news is confirmed. Several local retailers might have stock of the PS4 too and from the looks of it, the prices of the console are not expected to go down with the release of PS5.

The platforming head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Hideaki Nishino had earlier said that it may take two to three years for transition from PS4 to PS5 and the older generation would not just vanish. However, it seems like the other way around now.

Earlier this month, Sony India also announced that the new consoles will be available for pre-orders in the country starting January 12 and will officially go on sale on February 2. Sony PS 5’s digital edition will cost Rs 39,990, while the regular edition will cost Rs 49,990.

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