Soft tubs vs. Hard sided Hot tubs: Benefits of Both

When you start considering your budget, needs, and the space available in your home, choosing the right hot tub can take some serious thought. Thankfully, there are many others in your shoes, and much of the legwork has already been done.


 So, guess who is lucky? We’ll assist you in making the best tub decision for the particular application. The following are the differences between soft tubs and hard-sided hot tubs.


A concrete pad is needed for hard-sided hot tubs, which typically necessitates some degree of construction. Soft tubs, on the other hand, can be set up on any flat surface. You can set up your soft tub anywhere, including your basement or sunroom, as long as it’s level.


With your ground prepared and your outlet determined, you’re ready for your hot tub installation. The preparation method also varies depending on the tub you choose.


Hard-sided tubs necessitate a scheduled installation that typically involves many men and, depending on the location, may necessitate the use of a crane.

A Soft tub, however, is quick and easy to deliver and install. Once you get your soft tub, you can easily set it up yourself in minutes.


There is a significant difference between hard-sided and soft-sided hot tubs when it comes to transporting the hot tub to a new house or for a holiday. Once hard-sided hot tubs are mounted, they are essentially fixed in place. They usually weigh about 400-900 pounds which makes them cumbersome to move around.


You can, however, easily roll a soft tub hot tub through a doorway, down the stairs, or across a yard. The heaviest part only weighs about 80 pounds. You can therefore take it with you during the holidays.


A hard-sided hot tub is made up of solid materials which are less susceptible to punctures. Some contain Polyethylene material which is friendlier to small children and pets. Smaller scratches from daily use are less visible and if any huge scratches occur, the shell can be sanded. Since they have a solid base plate and a frame made of metal or strong plastic, hard-sided hot tubs are usually much more durable than soft tubs.


Most people tend to drag their Softub hot tubs while moving them, making them scratch against the stone. If they’re made of weak materials, they could break and puncture in a matter of months. You need to take good care of your Soft tub to use it for longer. This is especially true when you have pets that could scratch them.

Power Connection and Usage

Aside from the initial cost of your hot tub, there are several other costs to consider when choosing between a hard-sided and a soft-sided hot tub. Hard-sided hot tubs need 220 volts and a GFCI breaker, which must be installed by a professional. This significantly raises costs, making them unaffordable for many people.


Soft tubs, on the other hand, allow you to plug into your standard 110v outlet, eliminating the need for any additional accessories hence reducing your expenses.


When the temperature is just a few degrees above zero in the winter, hard tubs can still be used. Hard tubs have a more efficient internal heater, which allows them to heat up quickly even when it’s cold. They are made of Acrylic material which retains heat much better and is sealed within the tub with either foam or insulation layers.


 It also has jet power which enables hydrotherapy. However, hydrotherapy is uneven due to the number and configuration of jets. Soft tubs come with an insulated lid to aid heat retention. They also have interchangeable hydro-jets strategically placed, which provide more efficient hydrotherapy than hard-sided hot tubs.


In as much you may want a hot tub for health benefits, you also need it to be as relaxing as possible. Soft tub has ushered in a new era in relaxation – a portable spa that is efficient and affordable, with features and technological advances that make it comfortable, safe and inexpensive. 


On the other hand, hard-sided hot tubs are much more durable and have better heat retention than soft tubs. You’ll find that a Soft tub is more convenient, comfortable, and budget-friendly!

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