Snap’s new Spectacles 3 target well-to-do influencers with $380 price tag


Facepalm: Snap on Tuesday removed the review embargo for Spectacles 3, the company’s third generation eyewear for the social media generation. They seem like an overall improvement over the previous iteration but the fact that Snap nearly doubled the cost to almost $400, especially after the struggles experienced with earlier models, is puzzling.

Cherlynn Low from Engadget found the new Spectacles 3 to be comfortable and fit better than before although CNBC’s Todd Haselton disagrees, finding the fit to be a bit too tight on the side arms and the nose bridge. Haselton said the lenses were also positioned a little too far away from his eyes which allowed sunlight to creep in on either side of his face.

The Verge‘s Casey Newton, who admitted he probably wasn’t the target audience for Spectacles 3, said he never felt entirely himself when he had them on. “Part of it was that big steel bar running across my nose, which I felt gave me a vaguely bug-like affect. And part of it was that thin steel frame, which consistently dug into my ears and scalp.”

Low also noted they are more stylish (a subjective opinion as others will think they are hideous) and like other reviewers, she found the new AR effects enabled by the addition of a depth-sensing camera to be fun and cool.

The new Spectacles are constructed from metal and offered in your choice of rose gold or black color schemes. They include a charging case, a charging cable and a 3D viewer. Notably, the wearable doesn’t carry a water resistance rating like before. Furthermore, the lenses aren’t polarized, something you’d typically find at this price point.

And speaking of price – $380 is tough to justify, even for a quality pair of traditional sunglasses which these don’t appear to be. Indeed, it seems Snap is primarily targeting well-to-do influencers and creators that can afford to spend nearly $400 on a novelty like this.

Those interested in picking up Snap’s new wearable can pre-order them over on the company’s website. They’re scheduled to ship out within a week, we’re told, and are covered by a 30-day return policy if you don’t like them.


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