Shrimp Spring Rolls | Crispy Prawns Spring Rolls | Wrapped Fried Shrimps By Grandpa Kitchen

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Written by sortiwa


  1. This YT channel has a lovable grandpa, children that are fed, food, ASMR, like seriously? What can you ask for?
    I love you grandpa! I hope you and your team live longer for your good deeds ♥

  2. I like how his first videos the food was basic and cheap to make, now it's getting more nutritious and a little more costly which means donations are flowing in. Hope this channel continues to get support for a good cause. Also can you just do a one time donation through patreon? I would rather give a large sum vs a monthly sum.

  3. Warning! ⚠️ Do not watch on an empty stomach! I just made that mistake. These look great! I wish grandpa was my next door neighbor. I’d be over there trying to help so I could eat all the goodness.

  4. I'd love to donate to get Grandpa a set of dentures so he can enjoy eating all the foods he makes! The poor man only has a few teeth. 🙁