Shane Sutton: Ex-British Cycling coach ‘a doper’ medical tribunal told

Dr Richard Freeman denies ordering testosterone with the knowledge it would be used to enhance athletic performance

Ex-British Cycling technical director and Team Sky head coach Shane Sutton is “a doper”, Dr Richard Freeman’s lawyer has claimed at a medical tribunal.

Dr Freeman alleges that the testosterone he ordered to British Cycling headquarters in 2011 was on behalf of Sutton.

Sutton, who is yet to give evidence at the tribunal, denies the claim.

“Our case about Mr Sutton is that he’s a habitual and serial liar,” said Mary O’Rourke QC.

“He’s a doper, with a doping history.”

Former British Cycling and Team Sky medic Dr Freeman is facing an allegation he ordered 30 Testogel sachets to the National Cycling Centre in May 2011 knowing or believing it was intended for an athlete to enhance performance, which he denies.

Miss O’Rourke made her claim while laying out why she feels she needs to cross-examine Sutton in person, after the General Medical Council suggested he might complete giving evidence over video link.

Sutton subsequently agreed to return in person on Thursday and will begin giving evidence on Tuesday from 14:00 GMT in Manchester.

He had been due to appear on Monday before private legal argument caused a further delay.

Freeman claims he was “bullied” by Sutton into prescribing testosterone to treat the Australian’s alleged erectile dysfunction, which Sutton denies.

On Tuesday, the tribunal ruled that the general topic of erectile dysfunction could be the subject of questions to Sutton in public.

But other questions about his clinical history must be asked in private.

The GMC had applied for all of Sutton’s health matters to be heard in private session, saying his anonymity had been “stripped away” by Miss O’Rourke.

The tribunal said that GMC lawyer Simon Jackson QC had already brought up erectile dysfunction in public session and that the usual process to secure anonymity for Sutton was “always bound here to be more illusionary than real” because of Sutton’s public profile.

The hearing continues.

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