Sabrent Plotripper SSDs are designed for Chia farmers, feature up to insane 54,000 TBW endurance


Forward-looking: Sabrent is about to launch the Plotripper SSD series to meet the plotting needs of the most demanding Chia farmers. The series will consist of two models capable of withstanding up to 54,000 TBW (Terabytes Written), the standard Plotripper SSD and the Plotripper Pro.

You may have heard of the novel Chia blockchain which is based on a “proof of space and time” model, where farmers create plots and save them on a storage device. For plotting, it’s recommended to use fast storage solutions such as PCIe SSDs, but it’s also important to consider its endurance due to the amount of data it moves inside the device.

With this in mind, Sabrent announced the Plotripper series of high-endurance SSDs. There are still a few details missing about these, but for now, we know there will be a 2TB Plotripper SSD and a 1TB and a 2TB Plotripper Pro SSD.

The read and write speeds haven’t been listed yet, but the rated endurance of each model is already known. The 2TB Plotripper SSD is the less withstanding of the trio, while still sporting a 10,000 TBW endurance.

Then with the Plotripper Pro, the endurance rating is pushed to a whole different level, with the 1TB model coming with a 27,000 TBW and the 2TB model a whopping 54,000 TBW. That’s considerably higher than TeamGroup’s T-Create Expert SSDs.

Whether you choose the standard model or the Pro variant, you certainly won’t ruin your drive in 80 or 160 days. For that to happen, considering that the creation of a plot executes a 1.3TB workload, you would have to make 259 plots a day.

To put that into perspective, the fastest plot creation that we are aware of was “in just under 4 hours,” so six plots a day without using parallel plotting is already mighty fast.


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