Rencolor’s latest 3D printer can print in six colors, and even do gradients

Forward-looking: Rencolor has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new 3D printer capable of printing in up to half a dozen colors. The six-color printer can print in a variety of modes including single color, blend, gradient, and segmented color modes. Printing size is limited to 295 mm (W) x 295 mm (D) x 360 mm (H) with a print speed of up to 120 mm/s and an accuracy rating of 0.1 mm of detail.

The kit ships with a detachable acrylic cover for protection while printing, and is equipped with a 0.4 mm copper extruder nozzle that can reach 250 degrees Celsius. The hotbed is said to get up to 100 degrees Celsius, which Rencolor claims makes it effortless to print with PLA material.

A broken material and power failure detection system can help reduce the likelihood of unsuccessful prints, and the integrated 4.3-inch touchscreen display adds to the system’s overall user friendliness. The machine weighs 14.3 KG, or about 31.5 pounds, and is compatible with Cura / Rencolor slicing software.

Consumer 3D printers have evolved from expensive devices mostly used to create homemade trinkets to versatile platforms for creating all sorts of original goods. From custom cases for a Raspberry Pi and headphone hangers to replacement parts for existing products you already own, you are really only limited by your imagination.

The Rencolor six-color 3D printer has already smashed its initial goal of $3,842, which seems awfully low for a product of this caliber. As of writing, 70 backers have collectively pledged nearly $29,000 in the campaign with 27 days remaining.

Early bird pricing starts at $419, a discount of around 31 percent over the $599 MSRP. Double packs are also available, should you need two machines for some reason. Kits include everything you need to get up and running including assembly tools, filament, and even a card reader / SD card bundle.

Rencolor expects to ship the first batch of 3D printers to early backers in March 2024.

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