Reliance Jio reportedly working on ‘JioBook’, a 4G-ready low-cost laptop: Report

JioBook, a 4G-ready low-cost laptop could be the next device from Reliance Jio, according to a report by XDA Developers. The laptop will run Android OS, adds the report and will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665 processor, which features 4G-LTE connectivity as well thanks to the Snapdragon X12 modem.

The report adds that Jio is partnering with China-based Bluebank Communication Technology, which is an engineering firm that creates mobile devices and develops software for third-parties. XDA Developers’ report is based on documents they have reviewed and includes images of the purported laptop.

However, it adds that the laptop is still currently under development, and the company is still finalising the hardware. It could also come with a “recycled keyboard that contained a Windows key.”  The report also includes a live image of what the laptop might actually look like when it makes an appearance.

Reliance Jio already has two JioPhone devices in the market, and expanding into the laptop segment might make sense for the company, especially if it can provide 4G-LTE connectivity. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shown the importance of the internet and a budget laptop, which has constant internet connectivity might win over many potential users. But given the company has not yet announced such plans, we will have to wait and see if this laptop actually makes it way into the market.

Regarding Android OS, it should be noted that the Qualcomm processor in question, which is the Snapdragon 665, does not support Windows 10. Windows 10 support for Qualcomm chipset is limited, so even if the laptop is launched it might be an Android-powered device, which is interesting to see. The laptop is also pre-loaded with Jio’s apps, according to the report.

Given the product is under development one cannot take it for certain that Jio will launch the device in the market. The reports states assembly for the product might start in May 2021, though the actual release date, if any remains unknown.

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