Redmagic introduces a 4K gaming monitor with 5088-zone mini LED backlight

Forward-looking: Full-array mini-LED displays employ an LED-based backlight which can support over a thousand full-array local dimming zones, providing an enhanced viewing experience with HDR content. Redmagic now claims that it can up the ante in the 4K display business even further.

A sub-brand company created by Chinese smartphone manufacturer Nubia in 2018, Redmagic is mostly known for its 5G smartphones with cooling fans and other devices aimed at eSport enthusiasts. The latest products coming from the Asian company are all about display quality, with a couple of new gaming monitors designed to provide seemingly exceptional specs to cater to specific userbases.

Redmagic’s new products include a “5088miniLED 4K” gaming monitor, and a 27-inch screen with a 3840 x 2160 resolution and an AU Optronics Fast IPS panel. The 4K display boasts a 160Hz refresh rate, support for adaptive sync on Nvidia and AMD GPUs, support for DisplayPort and 2x HDMI connections along with USB type-C and some additional USB data ports.

The most interesting feature of the 5088miniLED 4K display is its alleged ability to provide 5,088 local dimming zones or “partitions” through its Mini LED backlight. These high-density local dimming zones would guarantee richer black levels with reduced blooming, providing a great viewing experience for HDR content and Blu-ray Ultra HD releases, which are mostly HDR-only these days.

The 5088miniLED 4K’s high-density dimming zones allow the monitor to reach very high peak brightness levels, with 2,200 nits, according to Redmagic, and a VESA DisplayHDR 1400 certification for “true” HDR viewing capabilities. Other specs of the 5088miniLED 4K display include support for 99% of the Adobe RGB color space and 99% of the DCI-P3, with factory calibration to close the deal.

Even though the 5088miniLED is certainly the most interesting product shown by Redmagic, the company is also introducing an additional display designed for the ultrawide audience. The 49″ QD-OLED curved monitor features the same Samsung Display QD-OLED panel as the Samsung Odyssey OLED G95SC gaming monitor, with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 0.03ms G2G response time.

The monitor also includes the same connection capabilities as its 4K sibling, with DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.1 and 90W USB type-C for charging duties. Two 5W built-in speakers and mic support are included as well. Redmagic provided no details about prices, though the Samsung Odyssey curved monitor is currently available for purchase for around $2,000 US.

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