Rainbow Six Quarantine becomes Rainbow Six Extraction, reveal set for June 12


In brief: When Ubisoft revealed late last year that it would be delaying Rainbow Six Quarantine due to production challenges stemming from the pandemic, it was all but confirmed that the game would also be renamed for obvious reasons. This week, it became official.

Rainbow Six Quarantine has a new name: Rainbow Six Extraction.

Ubisoft published a new title reveal video on YouTube that sheds a bit more light on the game. In Extraction, you’ll assemble a team of operators to “take on an always-evolving alien threat.” Something non-human was hinted at when Ubisoft shared early gameplay details back in 2019 but now the extraterrestrial biohazard threat has been confirmed.

Details from an internal test of the game leaked out in recent months, with imagery suggesting the game might be called Rainbow Six Parasite. According to Ubisoft, this was just an internal codename that the dev team used during development.

Extraction is based on the outbreak mode in Rainbow Six Siege and was supposed to arrive in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

We’ll get a better look at Rainbow Six Extraction this weekend during the company’s E3 presentation, Ubisoft Forward, scheduled for June 12 at noon Pacific. A new launch date hasn’t yet been confirmed, nor do we know if it is coming to next-gen consoles.


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