Qantas pilots in hospital after vintage plane crash in South Africa


July 12, 2018 09:11:54

A Qantas pilot is in a critical condition in hospital after a vintage plane crash in South Africa that left two other people dead.

Ross Kelly and Douglas Haywood — both Qantas pilots from Sydney — were on the plane in Johannesburg when the Convair-340 went down on Tuesday.

Mr Kelly is said to be in a critical condition while Mr Haywood and another Australian, who was a passenger, are stable.

The 64-year-old aircraft was set to head to an aviation museum in the Netherlands later this month.

The two Australian pilots had been hired to be involved in the flight as they had previously been part of a restoration of a similar aircraft.

Both pilots had flown for Qantas for more than 30 years, including as A380 captains, and had a combined 37,000 hours flying experience.

Mr Kelly is retired.

A Qantas spokesperson said its pilot community was in shock.

“We were deeply upset to learn that two Qantas pilots, one current and one retired, were onboard the vintage aircraft involved in an accident in South Africa on Tuesday,” the statement said.

“They are currently in hospital being treated for serious injuries.

“This news has shocked the Qantas pilot community and everyone’s thoughts are with the families.

“We’ve reached out and are providing whatever support we can.”






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