PUBG Mobile introduces new anti-cheat system; here are the details


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Published: July 13, 2020 6:21:17 pm

PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile new anti-cheat system, PUBG Mobile anti cheat, PUBG Mobile new features, PUBG Mobile cheats The new anti-cheat system will eliminate the possibility of players having an unfair advantage by spectating and it also ensures that no plug-ins are able to modify game data. (Image: PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile has released a new anti-cheat system, which according to Tencent Games will help improve the competitiveness among players while at the same time help crack down on cheaters. This new system has been built upon the existing Spectate Mode, which now gets a peer review mechanism.

The company claims that with this update, the game will be able to determine in real-time if a player is visible in the view of the game host. Then it will process that information to decide whether or not to transmit the location data to spectators.

The company states that the updated Spectating System Upgrade aims to achieve two key improvements: First is to “resolve the use of cheating by manipulating the existing Spectate Mode” and to “further improve upon Spectate Mode to better identify and eliminate suspicious behaviours elsewhere in the game.”

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The Spectating System currently consists of three separate roles, which include the host, game server and spectator. Before the update, cheaters used two devices to pinpoint enemies and gain an unfair advantage. Now, with the new mechanisms brought in place using the update, if a player is not visible in the view of the host, it will not transmit the location data of the player to spectators.

This according to the company will eliminate the possibility of players having an unfair advantage by spectating and it also ensures that no plug-ins are able to modify game data. It states, that the system will not affect people who are normally spectating the match for fun.

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Apart from this, the company has announced that it has remedied an ongoing cheat that helped cheaters kill players with a single shot.

“PUBG MOBILE’s official team is dedicated to bringing you a fair gaming environment by punishing players who disturb this environment. Through player feedback, we have recently discovered a new cheat that one-shot kills players then invert’s their screen momentarily. The official team immediately went into action and tracked players who have used this cheat. Over 10,000 players have been issued a 10-year ban from the Operations team for harming the gaming environment. Our team will not show restraint to those who undermine the fair gaming environment and use cheats of this type. PUBG MOBILE Operations Team will continue to work hard to provide the best gaming experience for all players who follow the rules. We ask all players for their support in our continued enforcement. Please respect the rules of the game and play fair,” PUBG Mobile Team.

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