PROTECTIVE SLEEP HAIRSTYLES! Haircare tips for healthy & beautiful hair!

OPEN ME! 😀 Hi guys! In this video I’m going to show you my favourite sleep hairstyles I use to protect my hair overnight! I also share some other hair tips to …

Written by sortiwa


  1. Can u wear pony tails with the big scrunches ,coz I wear my hair up in pony tail 24 7 is that bad well more like a half pony that looks like a bun coz I near pull tail all way out please let me know coz I been doing all right ways to grow my hair healthy and I wear scrunchie pretty high up on my head I been eating right, oiling, doing every thg I'm supposed to i did switch to big scrunchie coz heard it's better for hair and I always felt like I'm protecting my hair wearing up what u think???

  2. You have really wonderful hair!
    But aren't you worry about your hair laying on the floor with your last method? I think it then will rub against the rug and can also cause split ends.

  3. Hi Sarah <3

    I have a question; what do you think about using real silk? And how does this work together with a holistic lifestyle? I try to eliminate as many animal products as possible and avoid causing damage to nature. I don't think I could sleep on silk when I know how the process of getting silk works. I'm just curious about your opinion!

    Love from one of your first fans, Iris Edina, 24 year old girl from Norway

  4. I am always amazed on how thick your hair is. My hair is like 1/3 of your thickness. Maybe even less. I always lay my hair over the back of the bed. I have bangs also and I wash them ever day.

  5. I have limited use of my right hand so I usually sleep in a side braid (it's easier for me to braid on the side than the back.) I LOVE the rope twist although I don't sleep in it.

  6. Love ur hair. Its really beautifull. Thanks for the video. Something i really needed. I have waist length hair..but i have dandruff, hairfall & lots of split ends😢😟. Could u please give some tips to get rid of these problems? My hair used to be thick but now its become quite thin. I've never ever used heat on my hair. I dont own a hair straightner nor a curler nor anything like that…i dont use conditioner either.