Premier League confident of securing Covid-19 testing kits for return | Football

The Premier League has made enquiries about privately procuring coronavirus testing kits and is confident of securing the requisite number to enable top-flight football to restart.

At a meeting with its shareholder clubs on Friday, the league will discuss a new medical protocol devised to ensure a safe return to training. Antigen testing for all players is one of the proposals in this plan.

Testing would also be required for each of the 92 matches that remain to be completed in the season. While a protocol for a return to play has not been signed off by clubs, it is understood the league believes it will be able to source any number needed without affecting public health needs.

No defining vote is expected to take place at Friday’s meeting. Instead it will provide an opportunity for clubs to air their thoughts on next steps while the League waits for the possible go-ahead from government. A meeting between the department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and executives from a number of sports, including the Premier League, is due to take place later in the day.

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