POP Cardio: Trafalgar Trimdown Toner | Invade London


Written by sortiwa


  1. Hi Cassey. My kids love your workouts. However, as an old grizzled sports nut can I make a suggestion? Since your reps are too hard for beginners, can you give an "easy" option for the reps: so like if you get too tired, go into child pose, or just hold your plank, or just pulse gently…maybe you do in your other workouts…but would be nice to get reminded so that instead of flat out dying, they can do something simple to give their muscles a break but not be writhing in pain! thanks. keep out the good work! YOU LOOK AMAZING!

  2. First of all I was like.. isn't it really weird working out in public? But it made me laugh a couple of times, which made this video EVEN more fun to do. Amazing job Cassey 😀

  3. More cardio, huh? I'll admit to it, I cussed during those lunges. Wanted to get up so bad. I admire your audacity to workout in public. You are such an inspiration!!! Laughed so hard when those kids ran in front of you and you said "awesome" hahaha. So funny!

  4. Guess who has three missed calls from her downstairs neighbor?
    I actually feel really bad for bugging them.  Maybe I'll make her cookies.  Is there a cheap clean eats cookie recipe?