Playdate handheld pre-orders open in July with new speaker dock, protective case in tow

In a nutshell: Panic, the developer behind the quirky Playdate handheld gaming device, hosted its first-ever video update moments ago. The 15-minute presentation revealed a handful of new information about the upcoming game system and highlighted some of the first accessories we’ll see this summer.

The Playdate Stereo Dock was designed by the team over at Teenage Engineering. It serves multiple purposes: as a place to store the Playdate, a wireless charging dock, a Bluetooth stereo speaker and… a pen holder (they even made their own special ball-point pen that’ll ship with the dock).

Panic also partnered with Poolsuite FM (formerly Poolside FM), the “ultra-summer Internet radio station,” so you’ll have something to watch and listen to on your new speaker.

Last but not least is the Playdate Cover, a protective cover that secures to the console magnetically.

Playdate will be available to pre-order in July, and Panic said it will give at least a one-week warning before orders open. The Playdate Cover also goes up for pre-order next month and can be yours for $29. The Playdate itself, along with all 24 games in the first season, will set you back $179.

A firm launch date remains elusive at this hour, and we also don’t know how much the Playdate Stereo Dock will command.

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