Photoshop Camera is Adobe’s answer to Snapchat filters

Bottom line: Adobe’s new Photoshop Camera app is more for those looking to express their creativity through fun and vibrant imagery rather than photographers seeking a professional mobile editing solution.

Adobe at its annual Adobe Max conference this week previewed a new app that brings the best of Photoshop directly to your smartphone camera.

Dubbed Photoshop Camera, the app primarily targets those looking to create and share “imaginative, high-quality images on social media.” The app uses Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI platform and framework, to automatically enhance imagery. For example, it can instantly recognize the subject in your photo, supply recommendations and automatically apply “sophisticated, unique features” to help your image stand out from the crowd while maintaining its originality.

The app also understands technical content like tonality, scene-type, face regions and dynamic range and can apply the necessary adjustments to balance out these aspects.

Those needing further proof that the app is more for the social media and influencer crowd need to look no further than Adobe’s collection of curated lenses. Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish, for example, helped Adobe create some limited-edition lenses “inspired by her songs and music videos.”

As Engadget correctly points out, it all sounds more like Snapchat than Photoshop but in this day and age, you’ve got to evolve or risk getting left in the dust. Adobe’s research is clearly telling them that this is a viable path moving forward.

Those interested in giving Photoshop Camera a whirl can sign up for the free preview that’s out today on Android and iOS.

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