PayPal stops processing payments for “over a hundred thousand” Pornhub performers


In a nutshell: Pornhub for many is little more than a seemingly endless supply of adult content but for some of the site’s performers, it is a platform that helps pay the bills and put food on the table. Now thanks to a recent decision by payment processor PayPal, many will have to go about collecting their earnings in a different manner.

Pornhub in a recent blog post said they are devastated by PayPal’s decision to stop payouts “to over a hundred thousand performers.”

Models that got paid via PayPal are being asked to select a new payment method and update their information ASAP. Those with pending payments for October should contact Pornhub directly to get the matter resolved.

The company said it is working around the clock to make sure all payouts are processed ASAP. Payments should start going out by the end of the week, we’re told.

A spokesperson for PayPal told Motherboard that after a review, they discovered Pornhub made “certain business payments through PayPal without seeking our permission.” The spokesperson added that they have taken action to stop such transactions from occurring.

Pornhub offers the option of direct deposit but this is a risky alternative as many banks won’t do business with people if they know money is coming from a frowned upon industry like adult entertainment. Cryptocurrency is another option that may gain a larger following thanks to the anonymity it affords.


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