Parent buys new baby monitor, spots an ‘eerie’ image. Twitter has thoughts – it s viral

Parents using baby monitor to keep an eye on their young ones is nothing new. However, a person recently tweeted that buying it “was a mistake.” It’s because, she spotted something ‘scary’ on the monitor that too in the middle of the night.

“We got a new video baby monitor and I think that was a mistake,” wrote the Twitter user. Along with the tweet she also shared an image which has now being termed as “eerily scary” by many.

The image shows the baby’s eyes glowing in a frightening and bizarre way. The way it’s often shown in the horror movies.

The Twitter user’s creative way of presentation soon started capturing people’s attention. What she dropped as a joke turned into a viral tweet. It’s clear from over 4.1 lakh likes and close to 81,000 retweets that the post has gathered since being shared on November 15.

People dropped in all sorts of comments on the post. While a few wrote about them having similar experiences, some dropped the names of horror movies or shows. There were also a few who jokingly commented that the image is “possessed.”

Here’s how others reacted:

The person who shared the image was not upset by people’s comments. Instead, she joined in to drop a few more tweets and offered terrifying answers to people’s queries.

Further, she shared another “normal photo” of her baby. However, she did so after adding a little twist to the image and that left many amused.

Finally, with the caption “Palate cleanser,” she shared an adorable image of her kid.

What do you think of the image captured in the baby monitor?

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